Support older dreamboxes (e.g. 7025+) that don't have a recent elementtree library.
[enigma2-curlytx.git] / ChangeLog
2014-01-30 Christian WeiskeSupport older dreamboxes (e.g. 7025+) that don't have...
2013-09-02 Christian Weiskeshow curlytx in plugin browser
2013-09-02 Christian Weiskeprepare changelog for 1.1.0
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskeprepare version 1.0
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog
2011-11-24 Christian Weiskeprepare version 0.4
2011-11-24 Christian WeiskeShow headers when pressing info button
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskefix mail address
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskeget page list feed import working properly
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskeconfigurable text font size per page
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskeshow current page when multiple ones are defined: ...
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskehide default page config option when no page defined
2011-11-21 Christian Weiske hide color buttons when no/only one page configured
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeprepare release 0.3 v0.3
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskechangelog update
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeanother item done
2011-11-18 Christian WeiskeFix fixed size menu title setting
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeadd changelog