2014-01-30 Christian Weiskeversion 1.1.1 master github/master
2014-01-30 Christian WeiskeSupport older dreamboxes (e.g. 7025+) that don't have...
2013-09-02 Christian Weiskeset version to 1.1
2013-09-02 Christian Weiskeuse hard-coded name for plugin browser
2013-09-02 Christian Weiskeshow curlytx in plugin browser
2013-09-02 Christian Weiskeprepare changelog for 1.1.0
2013-09-02 Christian WeiskeAdd option to disable settings button, load option...
2013-08-29 Christian Weiskealways load the local configuration file
2013-08-29 Christian Weiskeremove help from help since that crashes enigma2
2013-08-28 Christian Weiskesupport loading local files via scheme "file://"
2011-12-07 Christian Weiskeextend license to allow usage of this plugin with the...
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskelink my mail address v1.0.0
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskeupdate homepage url
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskeupdate german translation and translation template
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskeprepare version 1.0
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog
2011-12-06 Christian Weiskemove url loading after layout finishing to prevent...
2011-12-05 Christian Weiskeabout curlytx
2011-12-05 Christian Weiskeadd install instructions
2011-12-05 Christian Weiskefix demo feed
2011-12-05 Christian Weiskepage url feed test files
2011-12-02 Christian Weiskeshow error message when loading the page url feed fails
2011-12-02 Christian Weiskeerror message when trying to load feed and no feed...
2011-12-02 Christian Weiskedo not show headers when there are no headers
2011-12-02 Christian Weisketalk about importing pages via the feed
2011-12-01 Christian Weiskefirst run howto
2011-12-01 Christian Weiskeignore compiled readme
2011-12-01 Christian Weiskedescribe the features
2011-12-01 Christian Weiskemake main window as large as settings window, remove...
2011-11-29 Christian Weiskeadd license to python files
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskemethod docblocks
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskedo not reload curlytx on startup
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskeadd encoding and copyright header
2011-11-28 Christian Weisketell how to test translations
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskeupdate german translation
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskelink german translation
2011-11-25 Christian Weiskeupdate translation tempalte
2011-11-25 Christian Weiskeallow error messages to be translated
2011-11-25 Christian Weiskemake saving urls work again :)
2011-11-24 Christian Weiskeprepare version 0.4
2011-11-24 Christian Weiskeupdate german translation
2011-11-24 Christian Weiskeupdate translation template
2011-11-24 Christian Weisketalk about translations
2011-11-24 Christian Weiskeupdate readme with build instructions
2011-11-24 Christian WeiskeShow headers when pressing info button
2011-11-24 Christian WeiskeI finally found a way to restore the old page settings...
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskefix mail address
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskeget page list feed import working properly
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskemake code more readable
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskemake code more readable
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskefirst work on page import via atom feed
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskenew idea
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskeconfigurable text font size per page
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskeshow current page when multiple ones are defined: ...
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskehide default page config option when no page defined
2011-11-21 Christian Weiske hide color buttons when no/only one page configured
2011-11-21 Christian Weiskeuse normal actionmap
2011-11-18 Christian WeiskeHelpActions are automatically registered
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeprepare release 0.3 v0.3
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskechangelog update
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeremove debug output
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeupdate german translation
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskefix translation copy in build
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeuse translations
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeupdate german translation
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskelicense file
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeanother item done
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeadd translation template to ipkg
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskedelete old messages.po
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskemessages.po should be called messages.pot (template)
2011-11-18 Christian WeiskeFix fixed size menu title setting
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeadd changelog
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskehelp screen for settings
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeadd more help
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeadd help to main screen
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeremove debug statement
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeshow in extensions menu (blue button)
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeanother todo item
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskeuse position 41 for the main menu; we are still on top
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskemore todo items
2011-11-18 Christian Weiskewe have got a build file now
2011-11-17 Christian Weiske2 new items
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskeversion 0.2
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskefix many crashes when dealing with changed page settings
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskedo not delete page when no pages are defined
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskebuild script #2
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskebuild script
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskeadd architecture
2011-11-17 Christian Weisketalk about translation
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskeupdate control file
2011-11-17 Christian Weisketranslation compilation script
2011-11-17 Christian Weisketranslation
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskeadd license
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskefirst readme
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskewe should be in the network category, too
2011-11-17 Christian Weiskemeta files
2011-11-16 Christian Weiskeurls from configuration are used now. switching between...
2011-11-16 Christian Weiskemake default page selection finally work
2011-11-16 Christian Weiskedefault page configuration option
2011-11-16 Christian Weiskeshow page title