call loadBouquet after installing a bouquet
[enigma2.git] / data / defaults /
2008-03-28 Andreas Monznercleanup
2007-04-20 Andreas Monznersmall type fixed
2007-04-20 Andreas Monznermove some service from vertical to horizontal transpond...
2007-02-27 Andreas Monznermore complete default favourite list (for german)
2006-11-02 Felix Domkefix MTV in default bouquet list
2006-04-03 Felix Domkeremove unwatchable services from favourites
2006-01-25 Andreas Monzneruse euronews from astra.. not from hotbird :)
2006-01-02 Andreas MonznerEurosport and Euronews are now placed on a new transponder
2006-01-01 Stefan Plueckenmake use of fallback files in Tools.Directories when...