fix possible crash on task abort and work with new getCD return value
[enigma2.git] / lib /
2007-11-22 Felix Domkeadd mmi to lib/
2007-10-29 Andreas Monznerlink e2 against shared libxmlccwrap
2007-10-24 Andreas Monznerparse satellites/cables/terrestrial.xml in c++ now...
2005-12-12 Andreas Monznerno more build network stuff
2005-09-30 Andreas Monzneruse libdvbsi++ from tuxbox-cvs,
2005-08-10 Ronny Strutzadd CI
2005-02-25 Felix Domke - work on actions
2005-02-10 Felix Domke - fixed lib/ for "components" directory
2005-01-23 Felix Domke - allow close of dialog
2004-10-01 Felix Domke - add python, missing gui
2004-09-25 Felix Domke - new GUI lib
2004-06-02 Felix Domke - disabled gui for a moment
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadded nav core
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeimport of enigma2