properly escape provider name. fixes #54.
[enigma2.git] / lib / dvb / scan.cpp
2008-11-12 Felix Domkeproperly escape provider name. fixes #54.
2008-10-27 Andreas Monznerset pat/pmt timeout back to 20 seconds... to get rid...
2008-09-11 Andreas Monznerfix segfault
2008-09-10 Andreas Monznersmall pat/pmt scan fix
2008-08-30 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2008-08-29 Andreas Monznerignore some descriptors when the streamtype is already...
2008-08-27 Andreas Monznersmall pat scan fix
2008-08-11 Andreas Monznerfix some debug output
2008-08-11 Andreas Monznersome service scan improovements
2008-07-22 Andreas Monznerfix kabelbw workaround
2008-07-19 Andreas Monznerhopefully fix servicescan hack for different tsid in...
2008-06-06 Andreas Monzneradd hack for Kabel-BW 618Mhz Transponder.. (tsid is...
2007-09-15 Andreas Monznershow more information in service scan (needs additional...
2007-09-14 Andreas Monznersome changes for new default skin
2007-08-08 Andreas Monznerdont mark found services with newFlags when "remove...
2007-05-05 Andreas Monznerscan fix
2006-12-27 Andreas Monznerworkaround for incorrect west/east flags in NIT entries
2006-12-23 Andreas Monznerdo not scan transponders without SDT more than once...
2006-11-27 Felix Domkerefuse to stop scan after first invalid NIT in quick...
2006-11-07 Andreas Monznerfix crashes in cable scan
2006-11-06 Andreas Monznerfix cable brute force scan
2006-11-01 Andreas Monzneronly accept delivery descriptors when the descriptor...
2006-10-10 Andreas Monzneradd ability to clear transponders to scan when first...
2006-10-10 Andreas Monznerfix warning
2006-07-03 Andreas Monzneradd some debug output
2006-07-03 Andreas Monznermake compiler happy
2006-07-03 Andreas Monznerupdate unscanned transponders in toScan list with nit...
2006-06-05 Andreas Monznerfix scan was not working on transponders withut PAT...
2006-06-01 Andreas Monznerthe scan should now work for scanning dish network...
2006-05-22 Andreas Monznerfix scan
2006-05-20 Andreas Monznermany changes for better CI handling
2006-05-14 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded caching of caids, use an array for...
2006-05-09 Andreas Monznerrevert unneeded changes for sdt update
2006-05-09 Andreas Monznerimplement SDT scan on enter transponder (on normale...
2006-05-09 Andreas Monznermove mark service as new code to better position
2006-05-08 Andreas Monznerfix "Clearall before scan" handling
2006-05-08 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2006-05-08 Andreas Monzneradd ability to select in scan what is todo with existin...
2006-02-24 Andreas Monznerfix cable and terrestrial scan
2006-01-14 Felix Domkedisplay last 7 services during scan
2005-12-07 Andreas Monznerdont let turn rotor wild from east to west
2005-12-01 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2005-11-18 Andreas Monznerdont scan transponders from other satellites in scan...
2005-11-16 Felix Domkeuse orbital position in isValidONIDTSID
2005-11-16 Felix Domkescan: add flags for optional network search. drop trans...
2005-11-16 Felix Domkefix m_service_name_sort while scanning
2005-11-15 Felix Domkeuser eSmartPtrList instead of std::list<ePtr< ... > >
2005-11-09 Felix Domkedifferentiate between failures while and after tuning
2005-10-09 Felix Domkeconvert DVB->UTF while scanning - please rescan\!
2005-09-30 Andreas Monzneruse libdvbsi++ from tuxbox-cvs,
2005-09-26 Felix Domke - fix scan: initial transponder wasn't used.
2005-08-31 Felix Domke - work around scan problem
2005-04-28 Felix Domke - add dvb resource management
2005-02-25 Felix Domke - work on actions
2005-02-09 Felix Domke - fixed console input mode restore
2005-01-31 Felix Domke - fixed dvb scan
2004-05-23 Felix Domke - eConnections holds reference to object
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeimport of enigma2