Merge commit 'origin/bug_449_fix_wlan_usbstick_recognition'
[enigma2.git] / lib / dvb / teletext.h
2009-07-08 Felix Domkemake incoming lines delete old line content
2009-03-31 Felix DomkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into tmbinc/FixTimingBugs
2009-02-21 ghostMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-21 ghostteletext.cpp: add support for "X/28/0 format 1" and...
2007-10-16 Andreas Monznersome teletext subtitles fixes
2006-11-10 Andreas Monznerimplement some teletext level 1.5 stuff
2006-11-04 Andreas Monznersmall code optimize
2006-11-03 Andreas Monznerworkaround for romanian txt subtitles
2006-10-30 Andreas Monznermove subtitles selection to mainmenu, some subtitle...
2006-10-29 Andreas Monznerfix displaying teletext subtitle characters > 0x80
2006-10-25 Andreas Monznerdvb subtitles are working now
2006-06-06 Felix Domkeadd sync for teletext subtitles and improve text extrac...
2006-06-05 Felix Domkefix some bugs, collect subtitle pages
2006-06-02 Felix Domkeget notified on new page, color decoding
2006-05-21 Felix Domkesome more work on teletext single-page parsing
2006-05-12 Felix Domkeadd teletext parser