descriptionProxies IndieAuth authorization requests to one's OpenID server.
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2017-07-28 Christian Weiskedo not use state parameter on auth code verification master github/master
2017-07-28 Christian WeiskeUse central error method
2017-04-21 Christian WeiskeMake it possible to run indieauth-openid as .phar
2016-05-26 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2015-07-22 Christian Weiskehint about openid timeouts
2015-06-15 Christian Weiskealways send indieauth header
2015-06-05 Christian Weiskeabout page
2014-10-17 Christian Weiskenormalize identifiers when comparing them
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskeread state from POST (copy&paste error) v0.1.1
2014-07-02 Christian Weiskesend IndieAuth header
2014-06-11 Christian Weiskesome readme fixes
2014-06-11 Christian Weiskeimprove security; add README
2014-06-10 Christian Weiskefirst version
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