fix CS
[linksys-wrt3g-tools.git] / Wrt3g.php
2010-12-28 Christian Weiskefix CS
2010-12-28 Christian Weiskeuse new config for munin script
2010-12-28 Christian Weiskeuse pear config package to read config file
2010-12-17 Christian Weiskemake the request observer work correctly, remove respon...
2010-12-17 Christian Weiskedisplay more data by attaching an observer
2010-12-16 Christian Weiskecheck http response codes
2010-12-16 Christian Weiskeadd possibility to use dummy router - verrrry useful...
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskefix error
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskemove status_noauth loading into separate function since...
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskeadd "allstatus" command
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskeadd card status command
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskefix docblocks
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskeadd some simple logging
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskeauth url and anon url
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskemake first test pass
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskemove html parsing into own class
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskecentral method to generate base url
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskecreate combined script, do not use global config variab...
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskebegin pearification by renaming functions.php