config.php file is not needed anymore
[linksys-wrt3g-tools.git] / tests /
2010-12-17 Christian Weiskedetect firmware version
2010-12-17 Christian Weiskefix failing tests
2010-12-17 Christian Weisketest for noauth status page without connection; add...
2010-12-17 Christian Weisketest for index_wstatus2 in disconnected state
2010-12-17 Christian Weisketests for wstatus2 in connected state
2010-12-17 Christian Weiskeadd support for disconnected state in index_wstatus1
2010-12-17 Christian Weiskesome new htm test files for other status pages
2010-12-16 Christian Weiskeexample files when disconnected
2010-12-16 Christian Weisketest file for index_wstatus2.asp
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskeanother test
2010-12-15 Christian Weiskeadd output to expected section in text
2010-12-14 Christian Weisketest skeleton for status_noauth
2010-12-14 Christian Weiskeanother noauth-status file
2010-12-13 Christian Weiske.asp -> .htm
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskemake the tests work by implementing proper html parsing :/
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskeignore run-tests files
2010-12-13 Christian Weisketest for excellent connection
2010-12-13 Christian Weisketest for good connection
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskemake first test pass
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskeadd noauth status page
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskeimport unittests