2014-04-14 Christian Weiskedo not add imgcache to phar
2014-04-14 Christian Weiskeadd form to create website screenshot
2014-04-14 Christian Weiskebig readme update
2014-04-14 Christian Weiskeexample php client
2014-04-14 Christian Weiskeautomatically add protocol if missing
2014-04-14 Christian Weiskeadd option to disable setup check
2014-04-14 Christian Weiskeload config file for .phar files
2014-04-10 Christian Weiskeignore www/*.phar test files
2014-04-10 Christian Weiskefix redirects when running as phar
2014-04-09 Christian Weiskefirst work on phar version. redirection does not work yet
2014-04-09 Christian Weiskesetup: 200 ok only before echo
2014-04-09 Christian Weiskeadd setup check for access rights
2014-04-09 Christian Weiskesend expiry header for redirects
2014-04-09 Christian Weiskeindex that shows options and setup check
2014-04-09 Christian Weiskesupport concurrent requests with cutycapt
2014-04-08 Christian Weiskesupport jpg format in curlycapt
2014-04-08 Christian Weiskeadd redirect config option
2014-04-08 Christian Weiskecaching and cache time configuration
2014-04-01 Christian Weiskedocument authentication signature creation
2014-03-31 Christian Weiskeimplement authentication
2014-03-31 Christian Weiskefix description
2014-03-31 Christian Weiskedocument possible parameters and deps
2014-03-31 Christian Weiskefirst working version
2014-03-30 Christian Weiskefirst work on option parsing