Add CORS header for firefox extension
[playVideoOnDreamboxProxy.git] / www / play.php
2019-03-07 Christian WeiskeAdd CORS header for firefox extension master github/master v1.1.0
2019-03-06 Christian WeiskeAdd simple web interface to paste a page URL
2019-03-06 Christian WeiskeBetter error reporting for errors when sending video...
2018-11-13 Christian WeiskeSupport password-protected dreambox web interfaces v1.0.0
2018-11-13 Christian WeiskeHandle dreambox web interface authentication errors
2018-02-08 Christian WeiskeMove functions to separate file
2017-12-07 Christian WeiskeFilter out chopped DASH segment streams
2017-10-19 Christian WeiskeDo not try to parse stderr data + check if we really...
2017-01-15 Christian Weiskebetter error reporting, syslog
2015-12-23 Christian Weiskefilter out HLS streams
2015-11-23 Christian Weiskenice message for common error
2015-11-23 Christian Weiskefirst version