2016-09-18 Christian Weiskesilent update master github/master
2016-05-26 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2013-08-21 Christian Weiskehow to check time of last update
2013-08-21 Christian WeiskeTXT record generation
2013-02-06 Christian Weisketalk about client setup
2013-02-06 Christian Weiskeadd sudo rules, fix dyndns user creation
2013-02-06 Christian Weiskerun "sudo make"
2013-02-05 Christian Weiskeecho error messages to stderr
2013-02-05 Christian Weiskeanother todo
2013-02-05 Christian Weiskedo not update if nothing changed
2013-02-05 Christian Weiskesupport domain patterns
2013-02-05 Christian Weiskeremove docs from ssh-dynds script, move them to readme
2013-02-05 Christian Weiskeadd readme
2013-02-04 Christian Weiskeexample configuration file
2013-02-04 Christian Weiskeinitial version of ssh-dyndns