descriptionThe standalone Pingback server, written in PHP.
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2018-01-07 Christian Weiskeexplain whitelisting
2016-07-27 Christian Weiskemore room for errors
2016-05-26 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2014-03-27 Christian Weiskefirst work on .phar generation
2014-03-26 Christian Weiskedisable ssl verification when validating linkback request
2014-03-25 Christian Weiskefix bookmarklet on firefox
2014-03-25 Christian Weiskeindex file with bookmarklet
2014-03-25 Christian Weiskefirst work on linkback result visualization
2014-03-23 Christian Weiskeadd JSON api to fetch links for a given URL
2014-03-23 Christian Weiskeuse central include file
2013-10-23 Christian Weiskeuse new linkback request template api
2013-10-23 Christian Weiskeuse pre-configured http_request2 instance
2013-10-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2013-10-22 Christian Weiskeadd feed/list command, show help when no feed command...
2013-10-21 Christian Weiskeadapt to services_linkback
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