first work on .phar generation
[stapibas.git] / www /
2014-03-26 Christian Weiskedisable ssl verification when validating linkback request
2014-03-25 Christian Weiskefix bookmarklet on firefox
2014-03-25 Christian Weiskeindex file with bookmarklet
2014-03-25 Christian Weiskefirst work on linkback result visualization
2014-03-23 Christian Weiskeadd JSON api to fetch links for a given URL
2014-03-23 Christian Weiskeuse central include file
2013-10-21 Christian Weiskeadapt to services_linkback
2013-06-19 Christian Weiskefirst work on rendering
2013-06-15 Christian Weiskecheck if pingback has been registered already
2013-06-12 Christian Weiskefirst work on feed updater + pinger
2013-06-12 Christian Weiskerequest-feed-update.php
2012-11-27 Christian Weiskeuse new pingback2 class structure/naming
2012-11-19 Christian Weiskesend mail for each pingback
2012-11-18 Christian Weiskefirst simple code