automatically filter tasks when ID/URL is given
[stapibas.git] / src / stapibas / Cli.php
2013-06-19 Christian Weiskeautomatically filter tasks when ID/URL is given
2013-06-17 Christian Weiskefirst version of comment extraction
2013-06-16 Christian Weiskemove content fetcher class
2013-06-15 Christian Weiskefetch html of pingback sources
2013-06-15 Christian Weiskerework cli interface; use nested actions now
2013-06-15 Christian Weiskefeed management interface for CLI
2013-06-15 Christian Weiskeintroduce CLI update command
2013-06-15 Christian Weiskeretry pinging only 5 times
2013-06-14 Christian Weiskecommand line interface to update and force since feeds...