2021-03-15 Christian Weiskecomment master github/master
2021-03-15 Christian WeiskeStore logged data in spool directory
2021-03-15 Christian WeiskeUse variable for usb device to make it configurable...
2017-09-22 Christian Weisketalk about init script v1.0.0
2017-09-10 nahojadd Makefile for init script and Munin plugin
2016-05-26 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2015-03-02 Christian Weiskefix readme
2015-03-02 Christian Weiskefix warning
2014-07-13 Christian Weiskesupport file template array
2013-05-25 Christian Weisketalk about html generation
2013-05-25 Christian Weiskemove readme
2013-05-25 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-05-25 Christian Weiskecheck for rrd extension
2013-04-17 Christian Weisketalk about group name
2012-11-16 Christian Weiskeinit script
2011-10-31 Christian Weiskealign date
2011-10-31 Christian Weiskerealign template file
2011-10-31 Christian Weiskeecho date
2011-10-31 Christian Weiskemake gen-html executable
2011-10-31 Christian Weiskeadd BOM to plaintext file
2011-10-31 Christian Weiske(html) file generator
2011-10-22 Christian Weiskeuse socat again, with correct parameters this time
2011-10-19 Christian Weiskepermission error fix
2011-10-19 Christian Weiskeuse "cu" instead of "socat"
2011-02-09 Christian Weiskeuse public git repository in documentation
2011-02-09 Christian Weiskeintegrate dummy data generator, check for readability...
2011-02-09 Christian Weiskemake it easier to run the plugin from cmdline without...
2011-02-09 Christian Weiskeadd support for warning/critical values
2011-02-09 Christian Weiskesplit license and author since all other plugins do...
2011-02-08 Christian Weiskeverify that the log timestamp is not too old
2011-02-08 Christian Weiskecheck startzeichen
2011-02-08 Christian Weiskeexplain development cycle in readme
2011-02-08 Christian Weiskehumidity example
2011-02-08 Christian Weiskewrite readme
2011-02-08 Christian Weiskeadd license and author
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskeadd run command
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskemake executable
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskelog last script
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskekeine limits
2011-02-06 Christian Weiske. instead of , in floats
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskeignore log and instance files
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskebetter example
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskeanother fixme
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskelog logview lines only
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskesimulate empty lines as we get them on dojo
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskemunin plugin should basically work nwo
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskemunin plugin: sensor names in config
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskebetter autoconf checks
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskemunin plugin config should work now
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskerename munin plugin
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskemunin plugin config
2011-02-06 Christian Weiskebegin munin plugin
2011-02-05 Christian Weiskesome docs for munin
2011-02-05 Christian Weiskesingle line logger works nwo
2011-02-05 Christian Weiskerestructure directory layout, add dummy data generator
2011-02-05 Christian Weiskemove own scripts to own directory
2011-01-27 Christian Weiskeoverview
2011-01-27 Christian Weiskebeginning to work on the tools :)