2008-05-19 Andreas Monznercompile fix for old api
2008-05-19 Felix Domkeupdate pl,es,da,sv language
2008-05-18 Stefan Plueckendon't show in startwizard
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenadd DreamPackageWizard
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckensmall fix for not existent package content
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenadd DreamPackageWizard
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenallow "internal" plugins from outside of the e2 plugin...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenadd default wizard to the menu (should we reorganize...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenlots of improvements in the default wizard
2008-05-16 Stefan Pluecken- move arrow_down.png out of sight
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenmove registering of DefaultWizard from StartWizard...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenallow dynamic config lists in wizards
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenadd new scope for directory for the dealer partition...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckensome German translations for the coming default wizard...
2008-05-15 Felix Domkeuse eDebug
2008-05-15 Felix Domkelimit gstreamer queue memory size
2008-05-15 Felix Domkeremove 'unhandled extension' debug message
2008-05-15 Felix Domkeadd dump_malloc_stats
2008-05-15 Andreas Monzneradd support for rolloff and pilot changing (needed...
2008-05-14 Stefan Plueckensave configfile after setting the video config
2008-05-14 Andreas Monznerfix not visible sleeptimer in extensions menu on dm800
2008-05-13 Andreas Monznerfix subservice quickzap
2008-05-13 Andreas Monznerdont re-ask parental pin on change subservices
2008-05-12 Stefan Plueckenadd DVI-PC mode for PC monitors (defaults to 640x480...
2008-05-12 Felix Domkeby Pieter Grimmerink: fix FEC typos
2008-05-09 Andreas Monzneradd missing save for videomode config entries
2008-05-07 Felix Domkestore position when 1..99% and not 5..95%
2008-05-07 Andreas Monznerfix previous fix ;)
2008-05-07 Andreas Monznerdont spam on AUDIO_GET_PTS
2008-05-06 Andreas Monzneradd correct file for package config
2008-05-06 Andreas Monzneradd package config file (needed for c++ extensions...
2008-05-06 Andreas Monzner-C fixes for V1 drivers
2008-05-03 Andreas Monznercleanup
2008-05-03 Andreas MonznershowSinglePic is async and works on broadcom based...
2008-05-02 Felix DomkeDon't set fastblank to high if the currently selected...
2008-05-01 Stefan Plueckenreenable PC mode video selection for dvi ports in the...
2008-05-01 Andreas Monznerenable/disable dvd overlay screen on service started...
2008-05-01 Andreas Monznerpass service events to old instance of InfoBarBase...
2008-05-01 Andreas Monznerdont use iPlayableService.evUser for iServiceInfomation...
2008-05-01 Andreas Monznerfix warnings
2008-05-01 Andreas Monznerfix warning
2008-05-01 Andreas Monzneruse session.CurrentService..
2008-04-30 Stefan Plueckenuse e2 functions to merge config and services
2008-04-30 Stefan Plueckenuse e2 functions to merge config and services
2008-04-29 Stefan Plueckencheck for file existence
2008-04-29 Stefan Plueckenuse correct paths for skin pngs
2008-04-29 Andreas Monznerset missing brakets
2008-04-29 Stefan Plueckendon't install settings file
2008-04-29 Andreas Monznerimplement dxDontshow flag.. its not possible to set...
2008-04-29 Andreas Monzneradd workaround also for duplicate(non dvb compliant...
2008-04-29 Stefan Plueckenremove unneeded line
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckenprevent installing test directory "packages"
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckendefault wizard
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckentranslations for default wizard
2008-04-28 Felix DomkeToolExistsPrecondition, ReturncodePostcondition are...
2008-04-28 Felix Domkemake final tune timeout symbolrate depending
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckendisabling user interaction in all wizards by setting...
2008-04-27 Stefan Plueckenremove check for config.misc.firstrun and start video...
2008-04-26 Felix Domkecompatibility to python 2.4.
2008-04-25 Stefan Plueckenwizard steps start with 1, not 0
2008-04-25 Stefan Pluecken- add crawlDirectory helper function
2008-04-25 Stefan Plueckenfix wizard GSOD when condition of last step is not...
2008-04-24 Felix Domkefix for skin changes
2008-04-24 Andreas Monznerre-add SeekBackward workaround ... but dont use it...
2008-04-23 Andreas Monznerfix subtitles
2008-04-23 Felix Domkeprepare for skin updating and scaling
2008-04-23 Felix Domkeallow setting a boolean value
2008-04-22 Andreas Monznerdisable cuesheet (resume) until in understand the libdv...
2008-04-22 Andreas Monznersome dvd player changes (resume isnt working yet)
2008-04-22 Andreas Monznerdeliver service events only to last created class which...
2008-04-22 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2008-04-22 Andreas Monznercode cleanup
2008-04-22 Andreas Monznerfix small memleak
2008-04-21 Andreas Monznerfix for previous commit
2008-04-21 Andreas Monzneranother speedup skin parsing
2008-04-21 Andreas Monznerspeedup reading keymaps
2008-04-21 Andreas Monznerspeedup resolveFilename a bit
2008-04-21 Andreas Monzneradd seekTitle to iSeekableService interface
2008-04-21 Andreas Monznerfix path to default plugin.png
2008-04-21 Andreas Monzneradd missing pixmap
2008-04-21 Andreas Monznerfix prev commit
2008-04-21 Andreas Monznerhandle alphatest="blend" like alphatest="on" when only...
2008-04-21 Andreas Monzneranother skin speedup (thx to bundy for the hint)
2008-04-20 Felix Domkehandle case of empty text
2008-04-18 Andreas Monznerno need to define skin in skin_default.xml and .py...
2008-04-18 Andreas Monznerfix non visible Listbox in Startwizzard
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznersearch default picon png first in currently used skin...
2008-04-17 Andreas Monzneruse SCOPE_CURRENT_SKIN
2008-04-17 Andreas Monzneradd SCOPE_CURRENT_SKIN to resolveFileNames in currently...
2008-04-17 Felix Domkerelayout video finetune a bit
2008-04-17 Felix Domkeupdate da,sv language
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznerskin parser speedup (thx to lt team!)
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznersearch font in current skin path when not found in...
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznermake some operator functions const
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznerremove deprecated and unused code
2008-04-16 Felix Domkeremove InfoBarEvent initialization, which is gone now
2008-04-16 Andreas FrischInfobar toggleable with OK key and remember last file...
2008-04-16 Andreas Monznerdont crash when no or empty cables.xml is available
2008-04-16 Andreas Monznerfix Makefiles
2008-04-16 Andreas Monznertry to detect transponders with a to slow or to fast...