descriptionPush your own content onto Noxon iRadio devices.
last changeTue, 19 Dec 2017 20:44:05 +0000 (21:44 +0100)
2017-12-19 Christian WeiskeUse a dedicated variable to enable transcode caching master github/master
2017-12-19 Christian WeiskeAllow albums with two dots in them
2017-12-19 Christian WeiskeCatch mediatomb browse errors
2017-12-19 Christian WeiskeSupport albums with question marks in them
2017-11-09 Christian Weiskemake transcoding cache configurable
2017-11-09 Christian WeiskeMake client audio type support configurable
2016-10-30 Christian Weiskesmartphone scaling
2016-05-26 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2016-01-11 Christian Weiskefix mynoxon login
2016-01-07 Christian Weiskewebsite doc rendering
2016-01-05 Christian Weiskesupport nocache files to disable caching
2016-01-05 Christian Weiskefix lighttpd rewrite to support GET parameters
2016-01-04 Christian Weiskeadd paging support
2016-01-04 Christian Weiskeshorten escaping code
2015-12-01 Christian WeiskeUse file executable bit for script detection.
2015-11-28 Christian Weiskefix rst
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