ADD: do a cursory validatation of the elasticsearch url
[phorkie.git] / src / phorkie / SetupCheck.php
2012-09-25 Justin J. NovackADD: do a cursory validatation of the elasticsearch url
2012-09-25 Justin J. NovackFIX: PHP-Markdown does not adhere to PEAR conventions...
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into milestone
2012-09-19 Justin J. NovackCleaned up files for 0.3 milestone.
2012-09-19 Justin J. Novackadded check for Markdown
2012-06-05 Christian Weisketalk about mime_type_plaindetect
2012-05-08 Christian Weiskedelete elasticsearch index when indexing to clean up...
2012-05-03 Christian Weiskemore package deps
2012-05-02 Christian Weiskeautomatic mapping setup for elasticsearch through setup...
2012-04-26 Christian Weiskecheck for services_libravatar
2012-04-26 Christian Weiskecheck git version in setupcheck
2012-04-18 Christian Weiskesetup check