2018-03-21 Christian WeiskeFix E_NOTICE: Only variables should be passed by reference master github/master
2017-10-28 Christian WeiskeWord-wrap for txt files
2017-10-28 Christian WeiskeUpdate jquery from 1.7.2 to 1.12.4
2017-10-13 Christian WeiskeMake random IDs configurable
2017-10-13 Douglas FraserEach repository ID should increment by between 2^16...
2017-10-12 Douglas FraserUse mode from parent directory to avoid world writable
2017-08-29 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.8.1 v0.8.1
2017-08-29 Christian WeiskeRemove releasenotes from build.xml
2017-08-29 Christian WeiskeManually activate libxml external entity resolver
2017-08-29 Christian WeiskeRevert "Fixed bad owner/user config, causing pastes...
2017-08-25 Christian WeiskeWe need the new Net_URL2 version that has the proper...
2017-08-25 Christian WeiskeIgnore default repository location
2017-08-25 Christian WeiskeMake MIME type detection work on composer install
2017-08-25 Christian WeiskeMake GeSHi autoloading really work
2017-08-24 Christian WeiskeUse packagist-only dependencies in composer.json
2017-04-19 Christian Weiskelink news file
2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.8.0 v0.8.0
2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeRemove pear package creation script
2017-04-19 Leo LeungCache dir defaults to root directory. Updated gitignore...
2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeWarn people about changing config.default.php
2017-04-19 Leo LeungFixed bad owner/user config, causing pastes to fail...
2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeDo not crash list view when seeing a fully empty git...
2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeSilently ignore invalid (already deleted) pastes
2017-04-18 Christian WeiskeMake phorkie work with git 2.11
2017-04-18 Christian WeiskeMove off sourceforge
2016-02-11 Christian WeiskeMake phorkie search engine friendlier
2015-11-11 Christophe... Load the plaindetect library from packagist
2015-11-10 Christophe... Avoid leaking file descriptor when looking for binary...
2015-11-05 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.7.0 v0.7.0
2015-11-05 Christian WeiskeDetect text files for unknown file types
2015-11-03 Christian Weiskephar handling link
2015-11-03 Christian WeiskeSupport elasticsearch 2.0.
2015-10-28 Nicolas HohmFix nginx config
2015-07-15 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.6.1 v0.6.1
2015-07-14 Christian Weiskejump to correct hash after renaming a file
2015-07-14 Christian Weiskefix crash when renaming file
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.6.0 v0.6.0
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskegoogle does not support openid anymore; remove the...
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskefavicon on setup check page
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskehave a default app icon
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskeadd cachedir setting to dist and default config file
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskedo not use javascript for location reload
2015-07-07 Christian Weiskesimple cache for rendered files
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskefix "reload" button on autologin
2015-07-06 Christian WeiskeAdd "add file" button to display page
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskeredirect paste url with ending slash on apache
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskesingle file edit: jump to file after saving
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskemove "additional options" button in the middle, and...
2015-07-02 Christian Weiskewe need auto width for pre tags in embed
2015-02-27 Dean MatzkovAdded Lighttpd rewrite rules to README
2015-02-26 Christian Weiskefix validation errors
2015-02-10 Christian Weiskerequest mails
2015-02-03 Christian Weiskexhtml compatibility in single file embed mode
2015-02-03 Christian Weiskefix embed style inclusion and embed overflow handling v0.5.0
2015-02-03 Christian Weiskesupport embedding in application/xhtml+xml pages
2015-02-03 Christian Weiskeupdate 0.5.0 changelog
2015-02-02 Christian Weiskeclarify that we support two ways to embed pastes
2015-02-02 Christian WeiskeAdd oEmbed support
2015-02-02 Christian Weiskesupport .conf-iguration files
2015-01-30 Christian WeiskeFix autologin in phar files and subdir installs
2015-01-30 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.5.0
2015-01-28 Christian Weiskesome spacing between files
2015-01-28 Christian Weiskemove urls to bottom of sidebar
2015-01-28 Christian WeiskeAutomatically login to phorkie
2015-01-27 Christian Weiskefix accidential bug in last commit
2015-01-26 Christian Weiskejavascript embedding support
2014-12-04 Christian WeiskeSingle file editing
2014-12-04 Christian Weiskemove additional button into edit text field
2014-11-05 Christian Weiskefix fork display that broke after ini parsing fix
2014-11-05 Christian Weiskemake phorkie compatible with elasticsearch 1.3
2014-11-05 Christian Weiskeshow url and HTTP method in exception
2014-11-05 Christian Weiskewarn about non-configured search adapter during indexing
2014-11-05 Christian Weiskeprevent notice on cli scripts
2014-11-05 Christian Weiskework around PHP bug #68347: parse ini files in raw...
2014-07-15 Christian Weiskedeploy .phar on sourceforge releases v0.4.0
2014-07-15 Christian Weiskeprepare readme, news and changelog for 0.4.0
2014-07-15 Christian Weiskeupdate excludes
2014-07-15 Christian Weiskeadd fixme
2014-07-15 Christian Weiskeadd dep to pear2_services_linkback2
2014-07-10 Christian Weiskeremove debug statement
2014-07-09 Christian Weiskesend cache headers for static phorkie .png files
2014-07-09 Christian Weiskemake mime type detection work on php-fpm which has...
2014-07-09 Christian Weiskeshow reason for mime type detection failure in setup...
2014-07-09 Christian Weiskedo not display deprecated errors (PEAR's Pager)
2014-07-08 Christian Weiskefix git version detection on OSX
2014-07-07 Christian Weiskewarning for missing config file. auto-config works...
2014-07-07 Christian Weiskeautomatically configure git paths (dir + public clone...
2014-07-07 Christian Weiskeupdate-server-info on git pushes and forks
2014-07-07 Christian Weiskeprettier git dirs in setup check
2014-07-06 Christian Weiskefix basedir detection for rewritten paths
2014-07-06 Christian Weiskecreate server info for http transport
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskeput config.php.dist in textarea for easier selecting...
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskeconfig file setup instructions
2014-07-04 Christian WeiskeCollect missing dependencies for openid login
2014-07-04 Christian WeiskeLead users to setup check page when no config file...
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskefix rewrite map loading
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskemake phar generation work without sourceforge username
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskewarn about remote fork config in setup and help
2014-07-04 Christian Weisketests for baseurl detection
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskerework setup check