use product type if set to support consumables and subscriptions
[stouyapi.git] / bin / import-game-data.php
2020-01-26 Christian Weiskeuse product type if set to support consumables and...
2020-01-25 Christian WeiskeGenerate priceInCents in products because "God of Blade...
2020-01-21 Christian Weiskefix title
2020-01-21 Christian WeiskeNew categories
2020-01-15 Christian WeiskeFix purchase generation
2020-01-15 Christian Weiskecweiske's pick: skyriders
2020-01-15 Christian WeiskeFix ? in category URLs
2020-01-14 Christian Weiskeadd search support
2020-01-14 Christian Weiskemuch better ranking
2020-01-14 Christian Weiskedo not show "Make" apps in discover
2020-01-12 Christian WeiskeSpecial handling for "Tutorials" genre
2020-01-08 Christian Weiskeignore case when sorting games by name
2020-01-04 Christian Weiskebuild current_gamer json
2019-12-20 Christian WeiskeBuying games #4: show prices in discover store
2019-12-20 Christian WeiskeBuying games #3: Generate purchase receipts for all...
2019-12-20 Christian WeiskeBuying games #1: output promoted products
2019-11-29 Christian Weiskeadd support for linking original and unlocked versions
2019-11-29 Christian Weiskefix detail videos in new format
2019-11-29 Christian Weiskeuse new game data format for media
2019-11-29 Christian Weiskedo not escape slashes in json
2019-11-25 Christian WeiskeFix ordering of games in category page, thanks to ...
2019-11-22 Christian Weiskestore main discover file in discover-data dir
2019-11-22 Christian Weiskeby-age and by-letter categories
2019-11-21 Christian Weiskeworking categories
2019-11-06 Christian WeiskeFirst working version with downloads
2019-11-06 Christian Weiskefirst version of build script that builds apps + detail...