2020-08-15 asrarAdd documentation on installing via composer master github/master
2020-04-14 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.2.3 v0.2.3
2020-04-14 Christian WeiskeAdd polyfill-mbstring files to .phar
2020-04-14 Christian WeiskeUpdate all dependencies
2020-04-14 Christian WeiskeReport correct position for SQL files with unicode...
2020-04-14 Christian WeiskeRequire mbstring PHP extension
2020-04-14 Christian WeiskeFix AGPL license identifier in composer.json
2018-03-02 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.2.2 v0.2.2
2017-10-24 Christian WeiskeRely on autoloader to load Console_CommandLine
2017-07-27 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.2.1 v0.2.1
2017-07-27 Christian WeiskeTry absolute autoloader path first
2017-07-27 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.2.0 v0.2.0
2017-07-27 Christian Weiskephing 2.16 does not like property overrides
2017-07-27 Michal ČihařUpdate to SQL Parser 4.1.9
2016-10-09 Christian WeiskeAdd VERSION and composer.lock file, update readme,... v0.1.3
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2016-09-13 Michal ČihařUse phpmyadmin/sql-parser, the udan11 one is not maintained
2016-09-05 Deven BansodFix link to original repo for bug reporting (#5)
2016-04-14 Christian Weiskeadd download links for 0.1.1
2016-04-14 Christian WeiskeFix #2: Load dependencies correctly when used as compos... v0.1.1
2015-12-21 Christian Weiskeadd download links for 0.1.0
2015-12-21 Christian WeiskeLoad version number from file v0.1.0
2015-12-19 Christian Weiskeupdate composer.json
2015-12-19 Christian Weiskeadd html syntax highlighting
2015-12-17 Christian WeiskeAutomatically detect if we should enable colors or not
2015-12-16 Christian WeiskeSQL formatting support
2015-12-15 Christian Weiskesupport reading from stdin
2015-12-15 Christian WeiskeAllow .phar renaming
2015-12-14 Christian Weiskeincrease version to 0.0.2
2015-12-14 Christian Weiskeno text output when all is fine
2015-12-10 Christian Weiske.phar build script v0.0.1
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskefix readme
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskeadd README
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskerework everything; add emacs output mode
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskefirst version