2008-10-20 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded del...
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerfix non correct working timer sanity check!
2008-10-20 Andreas Frischhide subtitles after actual duration timeout, unescape...
2008-10-19 Andreas Frischadd .nfi to filescanner for NFIFlash plugin, whitespace...
2008-10-19 Andreas Frischadd command to manually close input pipe (send CTRL...
2008-10-18 Andreas Frischemit evUpdatedInfo on id3 taglist parse and implement...
2008-10-18 Andreas Monzneradd timeroverlap detection made by adenin (thanks for...
2008-10-18 Andreas Monznerfix memleak
2008-10-18 Andreas Monznerfixes by adenin
2008-10-17 Stefan Plueckenuse config callbacks from instantiated dialog in wizard...
2008-10-17 Andreas Frischalso scan for video-CD content in directory MPEGAV...
2008-10-17 Andreas Frischmake background parameter optional (directly runnable)
2008-10-17 Andreas Frischfix return value parameter list of infoJobCB
2008-10-16 Andreas Frischremove full /etc backup option and change the position...
2008-10-16 Andreas Frischfix indentation bug which prevented the last block...
2008-10-16 Andreas Frischease usability of ConfigIP elements
2008-10-15 Andreas Frischremove unnecessary debug and fix typo bug
2008-10-15 Andreas Frischallow gstreamer to signalize missing plugins to the...
2008-10-15 Andreas Frischcheck for running jobs before shutting down/rebooting
2008-10-15 Felix Domkeupdate sv,fr,lt,pl language
2008-10-14 Andreas FrischAllow going into standby/shutting down after completing...
2008-10-14 Stefan Plueckenremove onSelectionChanged callbacks before deleting...
2008-10-14 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2008-10-14 Andreas Monznerfix incorrect calculated score when loopthrough to...
2008-10-13 Felix Domkegeneric language update / update sv,fr,pl / fix typo
2008-10-13 Felix Domkefix typo
2008-10-13 Andreas Frischremove weird charset specifiers
2008-10-13 Andreas Frischallow DVD burning in background. to view progress of...
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischfix md5 hash check
2008-10-12 Felix Domkeupdate pl translation
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischbugfix for cancelling
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischadd NFIFlash plugin
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischpreprocessor statement fix
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischfix (S)VCD playback by adding cdxa-unwrapper element
2008-10-10 Andreas Monznerfix getFPVersion for dm8000
2008-10-10 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2008-10-10 Andreas Frischfix possible crash on mediainfo parsing
2008-10-09 Andreas Monznerdisable mem debug
2008-10-09 Andreas Monzneradd delay before send sequence repeat (diseqc/toneburst)
2008-10-09 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2008-10-09 Andreas Monznerfix scaling and conversion bugs
2008-10-09 Andreas Monzneruse access for fileExits instead of try to open a file
2008-10-09 Andreas Monznerfaster config save
2008-10-09 Andreas Frischimplement parsing of srt subtitles with 8859-15 encoding
2008-10-09 Andreas Monznerfix satconfig problem (sometimes simple config was...
2008-10-08 Andreas Oberritterdo not create files when checking for existence...
2008-10-08 Andreas Frischease cd-rom detection by using global harddiskmanager
2008-10-08 Andreas Frischget rid of hardcoded path to cdrom device
2008-10-08 Stefan Plueckenuse external program (i.e. pluginx) to start tuxbox...
2008-10-08 Andreas Frischfix burning of data DVDs with TS files
2008-10-08 Andreas Frischfix free/used capacity parsing for dvd+rw (plus) media...
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischadd "!" to character list on behalf of acid-burn
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischmove #endif of HAVE_GSTREAMER to the end of code
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischallow default text in ConfigPassword
2008-10-07 Andreas FrischIntroduce ConfigPassword class (censored until selected)
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischanother try on the ip address issue... this time displa...
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischdon't display leading zeros for IP addresses
2008-10-07 Stefan Pluecken- show NumericalTextInput on text config entries
2008-10-07 Stefan PlueckenWizard shouldn't be a subclass of HelpableScreen since...
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischadd HelpableScreen
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischremove obvious keys from help screen
2008-10-06 Andreas Monznerfix compiler warnings
2008-10-06 Andreas Frischfix parsing of external .srt subtitle files
2008-10-06 Andreas Frischsubtitle bugfixes
2008-10-06 Andreas FrischFixes with audio codec and subtitles detection and...
2008-10-06 Andreas Monznersmall fixes
2008-10-06 Felix Domkeupdate es language
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeuse LocationBox skin for MovieLocationBox
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeadd possibility to disable loading the length of movies...
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeupdate lt translation
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeupdate sv, hy, lt, pl, fr language
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeadd new 2 transponders for Cslink/Skylink (old name...
2008-10-05 Felix Domkeupdate cs language
2008-10-04 Andreas Monznerfix some compiler warnings
2008-10-04 Andreas Monznerfix crash on show tuner informatio
2008-10-03 Andreas FrischAllow playback of VCD (Video CD) and SVCD
2008-10-03 Andreas FrischActionmap fix on behalf of Acid-Burn
2008-10-03 Andreas Monznerfix save current selected video mode
2008-10-03 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to set osd visibility (alpha) (just...
2008-10-03 Andreas Monzneradd code to simulate recordings (with faked frontends)
2008-10-02 Andreas Monznerrestore video mode to prev valid mode, when change...
2008-10-02 Andreas Frischcheck for presence of a correspondant .srt subtitle...
2008-10-02 Andreas Frischadd basic mkv inline ssa/ass subtitle support
2008-10-02 Andreas Oberritterproperly request a video mode with an alpha channel
2008-10-02 Andreas Frischallow MediaPlayer AudioCD playback only for what appear...
2008-10-02 Andreas Monzneradd +
2008-10-02 Andreas Monznersmall fixes
2008-10-01 Andreas Monznerfix fallback
2008-10-01 Andreas Monzneradd long pat/pmt timeout on ts playback
2008-10-01 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to delete all playable files in movielist..
2008-10-01 Andreas Monznerdont show pvr state widget when state ist play
2008-10-01 Andreas Frischfix bracket bug (thanks to Nix_niX)
2008-09-30 Andreas Oberritterfix corrupted epg.dat by using a faked version string...
2008-09-30 Andreas Monzneradd missing braket
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix linguistic syntax
2008-09-30 Andreas MonznerNetworksetup update
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix translations
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix service scan translation