Release 0.2.2
[php-sqllint.git] / README.rst
2016-10-09 Christian WeiskeAdd VERSION and composer.lock file, update readme,... v0.1.3
2016-09-13 Michal ČihařUse phpmyadmin/sql-parser, the udan11 one is not maintained
2016-09-05 Deven BansodFix link to original repo for bug reporting (#5)
2016-04-14 Christian Weiskeadd download links for 0.1.1
2015-12-21 Christian Weiskeadd download links for 0.1.0
2015-12-21 Christian WeiskeLoad version number from file v0.1.0
2015-12-19 Christian Weiskeadd html syntax highlighting
2015-12-16 Christian WeiskeSQL formatting support
2015-12-10 Christian Weiske.phar build script v0.0.1
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskefix readme
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskeadd README