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Project Description Owner Last Change
tolino-api-docs.git Servers the Tolino Vision... 13 days ago
xposed-ouya-plain-purchases.git Xposed module that deactivates... 3 weeks ago
playVideoOnDreamboxProxy.git Server for the "Play video... 7 weeks ago
stouyapi.git Static API to keep the OUYA... 7 weeks ago
louyapi.git Local OUYA API server app 8 months ago
anoweco.git Anonymous web comments for... 10 months ago
claws-mail-maildir-plugin.git Clone of git://git.claws-mail... 11 months ago
epubpypt.git epub ebook encryption and... 12 months ago
surrogator.git simple libravatar server 14 months ago
tmdb2mkvtags.git Generate a Matroska tags file... 21 months ago
grauphel.git ownCloud application implement... 21 months ago
usb-wde1-tools.git Tools to collect and analyze... 22 months ago
bdrem.git Birthday reminder that sends... 22 months ago
ldap2fbxml.git Export LDAP address book to... 23 months ago
php-sqllint.git Command line tool to validate... 2 years ago
phinde.git Website search in PHP and... 2 years ago
push-tester.git PubSubHubbub tester 2 years ago
noxon-gateway.git Push your own content onto... 3 years ago
ouya-game-data.git Meta data of games for the... 3 years ago
auerswald-callnotifier.git Notifies you about incoming... 3 years ago
playVideoOnDreambox.git Firefox addon (extension)... 3 years ago
roundcube-nextcloud_sql_addressbook.git Roundcube plugin that allows... 4 years ago
shpub.git micropub client for your shell 4 years ago
dimplex-tools.git Heizkurve einer Dimplex Wärmep... 4 years ago
stapibas.git The standalone Pingback server... 4 years ago
phorkie.git Self-hosted pastebin software... 4 years ago
errbot-exec.git Exec plugin for errbot 4 years ago
munin-heatpump.git Dimplex WPM plugin for Munin 5 years ago
dreambox-picons-white.git Senderlogos für die Dreambox 5 years ago
indieauth-openid.git Proxies IndieAuth authorizatio... 5 years ago
tt-rss-micropub.git Micropub plugin for TT-RSS 5 years ago
ssh-dyndns.git dyndns via ssh+dbjdns/dbndns 6 years ago
phancap.git Software to create website... 6 years ago
auerswald-compact-ldap.git Import telephone numbers from... 6 years ago
ouya-imagestore.git Store for the OUYA that only... 6 years ago
headphoneindicator.git Android app that displays... 6 years ago
tt-rss-subtome.git plugin for Tiny... 6 years ago
shutter-scp.git scp upload plugin for Shutter... 6 years ago
ouya-romlauncher.git Tool to make SNES roms startab... 7 years ago
youtube-dl-server.git Fetch information about video... 7 years ago
enigma2-curlytx.git Display plain text files fetch... 9 years ago
enigma2.git Clone of git://git.opendreambo... 9 years ago
awstats-helper.git Helper scripts for awstats... 11 years ago
dreambox-avalon_II.git Avalon_II skin for enigma2... 11 years ago
adept-analysis.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 years ago
linksys-wrt3g-tools.git Tools to control and monitor... 12 years ago
enigtomb.git Imports data from Dreambox... 12 years ago
psist.git Clone of 12 years ago
ldaptomb.git Puts addresses from LDAP into... 14 years ago