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Project Description Owner Last Change
CorpseShovel.git Shuffles Mediatomb playlists 4 years ago
DatabaseBrowser.git PHP-Gtk2 database browser 11 years ago
Dev_ClickPhp.git Point&click php development 12 years ago
Dev_GuiInspector.git Inspect Gtk2 GUIs with PHP... 12 years ago
Dev_Inspector.git Awesome graphical PHP develope... 10 years ago
Event_SignalEmitter.git Signal dispatcher 11 years ago
FileLister.git Cool file listing utility... 8 years ago
File_Launcher.git Executes PHP applications 11 years ago
Game_Minesweeper.git Minesweeper in PHP-Gtk2 12 years ago
Gnope_PHPGtk2_dll.git Meta package for Gnope 12 years ago
Gnope_UploadManager.git Uploads files to Gnope 12 years ago
GraveDigger.git MediaTomb playlist manager 3 years ago
Gtk2_ExceptionDump.git Visualize exceptions with... 12 years ago
Gtk2_VarDump.git var_dump() visually in PHP... 12 years ago
LokaWiki.git PHp-Gtk2 wiki client 11 years ago
MIME_Type_PlainDetect.git Detect the MIME type of source... 2 years ago
Mail_Admin.git Library to manage a mail serve... 8 years ago
Media_Blokker.git Blogging client application 11 years ago
Media_pgMPDc.git Music Player daemon client... 11 years ago
Media_wav2mp3.git Convert .wav to .mp3 12 years ago
OpenALdemo.git Demo for php openal extension 12 years ago
PEAR_AppRunner.git Run PHP-Gtk2 applications... 12 years ago
PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2.git PEAR frontend in PHP-Gtk2 12 years ago
PhuViz.git Tool to visualize PHPUnit... 11 years ago
QA_PEAR_CI.git PEAR Quality Assurance Suite... 10 years ago
Services_MediaTomb.git PHP library to access a MediaT... 18 months ago
anoweco.git Anonymous web comments for... 6 months ago
asv_statplugin.git Statistik für ASV-Crawler... 12 years ago
asv_zipfel.git Zipf'sches Gesetz in Java 10 years ago
auerswald-callnotifier.git Notifies you about incoming... 18 months ago
auerswald-compact-ldap.git Import telephone numbers from... 2 years ago
awstats-helper.git Helper scripts for awstats... 6 years ago
bdrem.git Birthday reminder that sends... 2 years ago
birthdayfeeds.git Converts birthday.bdf files... 7 years ago
contagged.git PHP-based LDAP addressbook... 15 months ago
cweiske-meta.git Ubuntu meta package for easy... 7 years ago
dimplex-tools.git Heizkurve einer Dimplex Wärmep... 2 months ago
dreambox-avalon_II.git Avalon_II skin for enigma2... 6 years ago
dreambox-picons-white.git Senderlogos für die Dreambox 13 months ago
enigma2-curlytx.git Display plain text files fetch... 4 years ago
enigma2-mediaportal.git Automatic git import of enigma... 29 hours ago
enigma2.git Clone of git://git.opendreambo... 5 years ago
enigtomb.git Imports data from Dreambox... 8 years ago
errbot-exec.git Exec plugin for errbot 7 months ago
grauphel-standalone.git Early non-owncloud version... 2 years ago
grauphel.git ownCloud application implement... 5 weeks ago
headphoneindicator.git Android app that displays... 2 years ago
indieauth-openid.git Proxies IndieAuth authorizatio... 15 months ago
instagram2micropub.git Downloads images of a (private... 2 years ago
jOnlineControl.git Java app to control a router 12 years ago
ldaptomb.git Puts addresses from LDAP into... 10 years ago
linksys-wrt3g-tools.git Tools to control and monitor... 7 years ago
materialkostenkalkulator.git Strange calculation tool I... 11 years ago
munin-heatpump.git Dimplex WPM plugin for Munin 13 months ago
noxon-api.git An attempt to document the... 2 years ago
noxon-gateway.git Push your own content onto... 10 months ago Source for 3 years ago
ouya-imagestore.git Store for the OUYA that only... 2 years ago
ouya-romlauncher.git Tool to make SNES roms startab... 3 years ago
ouya-store-api.git OUYA store API documentation 3 years ago
phancap.git Software to create website... 2 years ago
phinde.git Website search in PHP and... 4 weeks ago
phorkie.git Self-hosted pastebin software... 7 months ago
php-sqllint.git Command line tool to validate... 8 months ago
phpCallGraph.git package.xml generator for... 9 years ago
phubb.git PHP PubSubHubbub server 17 months ago
planetadmin.git Planet PHP administration... 10 years ago
playVideoOnDreambox.git Firefox addon (extension)... 21 months ago
playVideoOnDreamboxProxy.git Server for the "Play video... 9 months ago
podcast-m3u.git Convert a Podcast RSS feed... 2 years ago
psist.git Clone of 8 years ago
push-tester.git PubSubHubbub tester 3 years ago
shpub.git micropub client for your shell 2 months ago
shutter-scp.git scp upload plugin for Shutter... 2 years ago
ssh-dyndns.git dyndns via ssh+dbjdns/dbndns 2 years ago
stagCMS.git Small PHP-based content manage... 8 years ago
stapibas.git The standalone Pingback server... 7 months ago
sudoku-solver.git A tool that solves sudoku... 2 years ago
surrogator.git simple libravatar server 6 years ago
thunderbird-extensions.git Really old sources of my thund... 11 years ago
tools.git Some dumb tools 10 years ago
tt-rss-micropub.git Micropub plugin for TT-RSS 17 months ago
tt-rss-subtome.git plugin for Tiny... 2 years ago
upcommerce.git Warehouse management tool... 12 years ago
usb-wde1-tools.git Tools to collect and analyze... 13 months ago
youtube-dl-server.git Fetch information about video... 3 years ago